Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Time Management
Time is one of the most important resources. When you are juggling college, work and other responsibilities, you may feel like you are having a tough time keeping your head above water. You’ve got to pay the bills, but there’s studying to be done, and between the two the social life that helps keep you sane is slipping away. There just isn’t enough time! The time you have can be enough, however, if you just know the right way to structure it. Just as organization and efficiency are paramount in succeeding at your job and your studies, these traits can help you make the best use of your time when trying to make it as a working student.

To manage time effectively, you must control it. When you do not consciously control time, your old habits will control your time and set limits on your achievements.
The first two crucial steps in taking control of time are establishing goals and following a schedule.

So, take a page out of the working student’s playbook and use these tips to bring some balance into your life.
·       Set attainable goals and prioritize
·      Resist multitasking
·      Find a job that works around your college schedule
·      Pay attention
·      Make a schedule, but be flexible
·      Stay organized
·      Mind your boundaries
·      Manage your time well
·      Keep a calendar
·      Control stress level
·      Stay positive
·      Schedule your class time
·      Maintain focus and know that it can be done.