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Undergraduate Business Program (BBA) - IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL


"Discover who you really are. Think independently. Find your own voice. IPS Business school is one of the Rajasthan's elite business schools shaping business practise and transforming careers across the globe."
As one of the Rajasthans’s leading business schools, IPS Business School brings together people, cultures and ideas to change lives and to transform organisations. A global perspective and cultural diversity are reflected in all aspects of our research and teaching.
For over seven years, IPS, the business school, has been at the forefront of management education, developing and inspiring business leaders who strive to make a deep, positive and lasting impact on the people, companies and society they serve.
The school's integrated and up to date curriculum, close ties with Multinationals, and active connection to the Global Network for Advanced Management ensure that IPS's management Students acquire crucial techno Managemental skills and develop a genuine understanding of an increasingly complex global context.
Just what is it that makes IPS Business School so different to anywhere else?
Excelling at research
We strive for excellence in research and innovation. We also come up with a panel of part-time Distinguished Research Professors and Entrepreneurs whose Knowledge are shared with Management Folks at IPS. These people concentrate on mentoring and promoting research of international significance and on deepening international Knowledge by ties with Prestigious institutions.
Excelling at teaching
Our world-class researchers and Entrepreneurs are also superb teachers, skilled at using a variety of teaching methods to engage and instruct. We also employ Professors of Practice, people who combine academic expertise with substantial business experience to aid the practical learning in the classroom.
Excelling in producing the most valuable graduates
Those very bright students we recruit for management program, turns into fantastic graduates, with a thirst for learning and a rounded approach to life and work. With academic theory and practical skills, they hit the ground running in any company.
More than all of this, we believe in the power of creativity, of human imagination to do new things, to see things differently. And so do our staff, our students, and our graduates. Do you?

Excelling in On job training
Our Student come up as a Prodigious Management Folk after graduation with our unique On Job Training Methodology which they undergo during period of graduation with top corporate and multinationals

About BBA Program

Aspire to be More and make the most out of your BBA degree at the IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL.
IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL offers students the opportunity to tailor their studies to align with their interests, and desires. By immersing oneself into the IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL, students are able to excel in their studies and take more away from their undergraduate degree.
Challenge yourself and build an outstanding foundation for your career in business. IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program is tailored to your needs so that you can create the future you really want.
The IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL fosters the growth and development of tomorrow’s future leaders from students with bold aspirations. Capitalizing on the extensive opportunities offered allows students to create their own path to differentiate themselves, while gaining memorable experiences and preparation for the competitive business world.
Challenge yourself to want more, do more and get more as you earn you BBA and EXPERIENCE IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL.

Achieve your Academic Goals. Set goals for yourself, exceed expectations and BE Challenged.

Admission Requirements:

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In today's competitive job market, we'll show you what it takes to achieve your career goals.
Exploring career options and developing skills to confidently secure the position you want becomes so much easier with a team of professionals available to guide you. The IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL offers a range of services and resources to help you manage each step of your career search. We provide training on resume and cover letter writing and interviewing, advice on salary negotiations, and show you how to best position yourself for a promotion.

Plan on turning your newly acquired academic knowledge into the practical experience that is valued by employers. Start early, work with us, and be prepared--so that when the right opportunity presents itself, you are able to demonstrate why you're the ideal candidate for the job.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the services and resources we provide, and we look forward to working with you.

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How Beneficial Is a Degree in Business Management?

Many individuals choose to obtain a traditional educational degree prior to entering the business environment. Business degrees are available in a variety of specializations, including accounting, finance, business management, economics or other business topics. A common choice is a degree in business management. This degree should provide individuals with a well-rounded foundation relating to employee management and creating a dynamic workplace environment.


The typical educational format for a business management degree is the three-year baccalaureate program. Coursework comprises finance, human resources, workplace relations, economics, marketing, team dynamics and other business or management courses. Courses usually include teamwork-style groups that promote the use of several individuals to complete assignments based on classic business functions.

Increases Business Skills:

Business management degrees help individuals increase their business skills: leadership, interpersonal communication, technology and other valuable character traits. These skills are commonly referred to as hard skills in the business environment. Hard skills are technical abilities individuals learn through years of experience or traditional education. Hard skills may also relate to a specific business industry, such as food service, manufacturing and production, retail or service industries.

Better Job Opportunities:

Individuals may find better or increased job opportunities with a business management degree.  While lower level management jobs may be less competitive, a business degree can help set individuals apart from other potential employee applicants.


Higher wages are often linked to positions requiring business management degrees.  Wage information was collected from individuals working as private company managers, hospital management, local government positions and college or university managers. 


Individuals may choose to advance their education beyond their undergraduate degree. A master’s in business administration can help individuals deepen their understanding of business management theory and other similar topics. Higher education can also lead individuals to obtain professional certification, such as the certified manager (CM) or professional of human resource license. Professional certification often increases an employee’s job prospects and wage earning opportunities.


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IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL Study Methodology (Top Ranked MBA / BBA College in India) Admission open now!!!

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" This #Degree is designed to give a #broad#knowledge of the functional aspects of a company and their #interconnection, while also allowing for#specialization in a particular area. #BBA programs expose students to a variety of "#core #subjects" and allow students to specialize in a specific academic area. 

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