Thursday, 30 April 2015

Top MBA College in India


OUR Methodology

IPS Business School, one of top business schools in India takes pride for creating an atmosphere wherein both students and faculty can pursue boundless knowledge, a single roof where theory and practice goes hand in hand to present better understanding about oneself and world around him. Education at IPS prepares you to think boldly and act confidently in any business environment Top PGDM college in India. At IPS the focus goes beyond education. IPS aims to prepare students for life – Making them a Leader. The success of IPS as an acknowledged institution for quality learning is an outcome of the various facets that give IPS its characteristic value – the faculty, enterprising students, infrastructure facilities and industry partnerships Top MBA college in Rajasthan. We welcome you to be a part of this Top ranked institution.
The incubators of IPS had a dream… the dream of a gateway that provides global outlook…an infrastructure that beckons to explore & learn…a cradle that nurtures high ethical and human values that’s why we the Top BBA College in Rajasthan also. We stands in the silhouette of such a dream. It is envisioned to become a globally recognized centre of learning & research. The Governing Council, The Academic Advisory board & the board of Studies. These Apex bodies, individually & collectively, contribute towards high standard of Academic Governance. With the competence & experience of the best minds from Academics & Industry, IPS is envisioned as an institute of high academic standards.
The spirit of excellence that has founded IPS will remain the driving force. It is committed to excellence in scholarship, training and service Best MBA college in Rajasthan. IPS takes pride in being a place where students and faculty can pursue knowledge without boundaries, a place where theory and practice combine to produce a better understanding of our world and ourselves Best BBA college in Rajasthan. IPS education prepares you to think on your feet and act decisively in any business environment.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

MBA College in Jaipur

  • IPS is academic institute of professional study. IPS is best MBA College in jaipur that offers top management courses. The goal of this institute is to promote sustainable, ecologically-friendly, and equitable socio-economic development of rural people through professional management. The main aim of IPS is to make career of students. IPS is the one of the best management institute in Jaipur that provide Regular MBA, Correspondence MBA or Executive MBA courses in various fields of management studies at different levels. IPS not only provides management courses but also provides top PGDM courses.
  • IPS is the greatest place where you can find best placement. We provide the preeminent facilities where student can enhance their knowledge. IPS offering the best classes for MBA as well as PGDM courses, we have excellent track record of providing internship programs and training. We offers well managed PGDM programs and comfortable environment where organization works. We have high qualified and trained problem solver faculty that help to resolve problem of students.
  • Our internship program gives students professional experience and exposure of real corporate world. We have top level faculty that are expert in planning, management and organization; they have strong communication skills and art of convincing people with their talk.
  • This is a two–year full time program spread over four semesters and leading to the degree in Master of Business Administration. The most notable features of the program are its flexibility and objectives of providing a genuinely broad based education. Students are given an opportunity to improve their communication skills in a well equipped modern language lab with computers and cassettes. Annual Seminar CEO series of guest lectures business simulation games personal growth lab psychological profiling personality development workshops create all round development for students.
  • An MBA is an essential degree program that is attained by a good ratio of hard work, determination and vision. After graduation many individuals look for the degree course which is not only challenging but also provide a creative and out of the bench working platforms for best implementation of their skills. IPS  has secured  position among the top 100 Management colleges in India. We offer MBA courses part time, full time, corresponding and distance learning. These degree programs are provided in various specialization including Marketing, finance and HR.
  • Individuals planning for their career in Management courses can find IPS as the right destination of study. The excellent placement records and highly qualified staff make it stand in the top position among all management colleges in jaipur.
  • The excellent staff of college regularly helps its students to develop their out of box attitude for industry survival. IPS proved its history to place its students among top firms. 
  • We believe in maintaining the best education culture corresponding to the cutting edge era. That’s why we organize workshop, seminars and conferences from the industry’s best professionals for providing student great exposure for the current running statistics of market. 
  • IPS offers its students rural management courses and research. The vision of IPS is to prepare individuals who can plan a sustainable and eco friendly development for the people via professional development. 
  • IPS also offers a PGDM degree program for aspirants. It posses best placement records and a wide campus with preeminent facilities for providing best education culture to students. We at IPS not only shape future but also life so that each individual can go by the path which they dreamed for. We possess an excellent record for providing internship programs. We provide good environment for study and a highly trained faculty for management trainees. A timely organized conference by the world class experts provides trainees wide industry exposure.
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

MBA Courses


As the world economies are becoming highly competitive with the disruptive forces of internet and globalization, organizations have to run fast even to be able to stand still in the marketplace.
Our marketing course provides a right balance of both – the managerial view from the field and the academic view from the time-tested frameworks.Top MBA college in India
Students develop abilities to correctly understand, critically analyze and resolve the business challenges like adapting to fast changing consumer behavior, pricing policies, marketing of intangible services, developing newer products, shorter product life-cycles, creating high impact branding and advertizing and selling to business and retail consumers.
Also, as products are fast being commoditized, managements of organizations have realized the importance of focusing on profitability and stakeholder value creation through various components of the marketing strategy Best MBA college in India. Whether the customer is a business organization or retail consumer, companies are focusing more on services and new product development to create ‘client stickiness’’ for sustainable revenue stream and improved profitability.
For the students having entrepreneurial plans of starting their own business or running a family business, our outcome based marketing courses will be of immense use.

Human Resource

In today’s changing scenario, the HR function has grown to become a key component of organizational strategy Top MBA college in Rajasthan. As businesses constantly evolve, the dynamics of HR must also keep pace Best MBA college in Rajasthan. This is possible only when an organization’s most valued assets i.e employees are capable of seeing the bigger picture thereby help organizations gain a competitive advantage.
With a PGDM in HR, students would be able to understand the importance of HR in today’s worldTop BBA college in Jaipur. Specialized courses in the HR curriculum build an intricate web comprising recruitment, mentoring, training and employee performance and management Best BBA college in Jaipur. From time to time students are provided with necessary inputs in form of latest developments in HR field Top BBA college in Rajasthan. They are also encouraged to indulge in field research to gain practical insights about the subject. Best BBA college in Rajsthan


As financial markets become more integrated and sophisticated, there is a strong demand for graduates who can not only understand financial products but also measure and manage the risk arising from such products. Our pragmatically designed curriculum in Finance, meets this demand by choosing a blend of elective courses which focus on skill sets required in the field of finance. The content of each course is unmatched in depth and breadth.